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Introducing MindPlay®. We Teach Reading... Free Trial available for Australian Schools for up to 60 days*


MindPlay® is an online adaptive literacy program that teaches students to read well. The program addresses the essential Big 5 literacy modules for reading success: Phonemic awareness; Phonics; Fluency; Vocabulary; and Comprehension, with an additional module – Grammar for Meaning.

MindPlay® is a unique tool to automatically assess students' reading skills from Grades K-12 and adult students with diverse reading skills and instructional needs.

Developed in the USA by experts in language, literacy and assessment, MindPlay's® content has been extensively revised and adapted for use by Australian students by PAA using experts in speech pathology, reading and learning. Speech sounds taught in the phonics modules reflect Australian usage. The virtual teachers all speak in Australian accents. Spelling and vocabulary are also Australian.

MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach™ (MVRC) is a comprehensive language curriculum for average and below average students with skills gaps. Additionally, MindPlay Universal Screener™ and MindPlay Reading Fluency™ programs are included in the MVRC program (however they are also available for purchase as separate teaching tools).

Each student begins with a reading screening that identifies individual strengths and weaknesses. MVRC then builds an individualised curriculum, customised to improve specific skills. Students experience a virtual one-on-one session with a reading specialist each time they log in. MVRC assesses student reading abilities with MindPlay Universal Screener™ and automatically develops a unique, differentiated syllabus of instruction and mastery-based activities for every student. Diagnostic assessments, progress monitoring results, and student performance determine lesson assignments. The program first develops proficiency in phonological awareness and phonics skills, as needed. Students are then also assigned lessons in vocabulary, grammar, silent reading fluency and comprehension. Improvement in comprehension and fluency are simultaneous goals.

MindPlay's® online courses have minimal computer requirements for full implementation. All courses are available in computer and tablet-compatible formats.

Minimal teacher input is required, allowing teachers to do more with their teaching time and resources. The program supports students by addressing students' individual learning needs.


For further details and/or to view a free introductory 30-minute webinar on MindPlay®, go to MindPlay for further details or contact PAA, or call +61 2 9589 0011.


Australian Schools interested in a free trial of MindPlay's Virtual Reading Coach™ (MVRC) for up to 60 days*, go to MindPlay for further details or contact PAA, or call +61 2 9589 0011.

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